Monday, September 28, 2009

You're So Sweet!! (D-Ribose)

Sugar - something we'all like - even when it's gotten a bad rap. However, there's a very valid, innate reason our bodies like sugar, and why we have a "sweet tooth". This is because we're wired to use sugar for ATP (energy production) and make/use oxygen, among other things. However, there's a whole lot more to the story, especially about D- Ribose.

One is, D- Ribose is star stuff. That's right. It's precursor (ancestor) is a sugar called glycolaldehyde, found in the center of our Milky Way. This startling discovery verified what former famous astronomer, Carl Sagan, meant when he said "We're all star stuff."

Finding a "sugar" in the center of the Milky Way had profound implications. These ranged from how it was involved with making stars, the galaxy, light, oxygen, proteins, energy, and etc., right on down to human RNA. (DNA might contain all the proteins/info on how to replicate things, but RNA tells DNA how to do the job.)

We now know D-Ribose does all these things, and maybe even more. And while Ribose isn't considered "essential" (because our body can make it from glucose), many people do have an imbalance with it. This is evident by those who have: metabolic sugar errors (diabetes, hypoglycemia); don't eat a balanced diet that contains enough fruits and vegetables; are in starvation mode; fasting; have an illness; or taking meds that interfere with glucose metabolism.

So what to do? One, make sure you eat a balanced diet that contains several servings of fruit/veggies per day. The second option is (after consulting your primary care provider, local nutrition consultant, or doing a bit of research), take a D-Ribose supplement. (Caution: D-Ribose also occurs naturally in "nutritional yeast", plus Ribose supplements are from fermented corn syrup. If you are sensitive to either of these, you may want avoid them & eat a bigger variety of fruit/veggies instead.)

Athletes take D-Ribose to help with recovery time after hard training sessions, or major events. In the past, it's been questioned if, or how much Ribose helps athletes, but since we now know it's involved with energy production, oxygen utilization, and protein synthesis, it's obvious to see why they do. (Plus it's not a steroid.) More importantly, though, research has shown D-Ribose to help with other, more serious health challenges/imbalances.

These are: congestive heart failure, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies and asthma (and other breathing/oxygen related disorders), and DNA/RNA disorders. Interestingly enough, most of these involve either oxygen, protein, or endurance problems. Research is also looking into other health imbalances/dis-eases to see how much D-Ribose can play a part in treating them.

These range from treating bacterial infections to cancer, or other viruses. And it would stand to reason that D-Ribose can be a part of the treatment, based on what is already know about it. (Even though D-Ribose is considered natural, it's very important that anyone with any health imbalance/dis-ease consult their primary care provider before taking it.)

So this is why we're all so sweet, and like sweet things. It's because all of us have this natural cosmic sugar in each and every cell in our body, and it's in our nature to replenish it to live. This isn't to encourage over indulging in sugar, but instead to see that we get the good healthy sugar/s we need, and let our "Cosmic star light" shine.

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  1. thank you Pam for such a succinct connection between Carl S (I'm certain he's around now in a different body), the center of the Milky Way and what we eat - brilliant! x Marian