Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chemistry - Made easy for health & well being!

Oh no, not chemistry!! Didn't we learn in school how difficult and confusing this could be? Well, yes, however chemistry is so important to us, - especially for our health and well being. So with that in mind, here's some basics, plus suggestions on how to balance and harmonize our "chemistry".

Like all other things, I find an uncomplicated definition always helps, so here's what chemistry is basically defined as.

Chemistry - the study of not only the composition, properties, and structure of matter, but also the behavior of energy and matter on both the physical and unseen levels. (my italics)

Interesting factoids - chemistry, as a science, grew out of alchemy (Arabic meaning "value"). There's more types of chemistry than you can shake the proverbial stick at, including the chemistry of our body and energy. And most of us know about chemistry related to our blood, saliva, ph, and so on, as well as energy related to things like the sun, stars, or nuclear energy.

However, how many of us can say we know much about the behavior part of chemistry? Answer is, we all do. All chemicals (molecules/atoms) behave in certain ways - attract/repel, have electrical charges, & etc. This is one of the main reasons there is constant change in our body and/or subtle energy fields.

In my field (body/energy work, nutrition, etc.) many of my colleagues and I endeavor to balance the body and energy fields to help our clients feel better. However, there is little, if any, focus on specifically balancing and harmonizing the chemistry of the body or it's energetic systems.

I feel this is unfortunate, as even doctors know the importance of, and provide various treatments/medicines to balance our chemistry, especially when we're ill. However, I'm the kind of person who likes preventative and supportive things, so there is less of an opportunity for an imbalance to occur in the first place.

So this past year (and especially recently) I've been including various chemistry balancing techniques in my practice. This has included everything from certain massage techniques to Reiki.

We also hear and talk about our "chemistry" with another person, but how many can say the same about chemistry with money, job/work, or community? Again, I feel/think if we included balancing/harmonizing our chemistry with all aspects - physical, non physical, goals, and so on, our lives could be even that much more richer and fulfilling.

Much of our chemistry can be balanced simply by drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet, exercising moderately, proper rest, and doing focused affirmations*. And if you want to go further in depth with balancing your chemistry, try some of the Reiki self help suggestions.** (see below)

There's also the option of visiting a therapist or energy worker who knows how to work with the specific areas of the body/energy fields or assist with affirmations.

Just remember - good (balanced) chemistry equals good health and well being!

* focused affirmations are like those used in The Law of Attraction or The One Command. When done correctly, these types of affirmations work specifically with the subconscious and/or deeper states of brain waves, rather than the surface/hit or miss effects of regular affirmations.

** On my Reiki web site,, I just posted a blog with 8 simple Reiki hand positions for harmonizing the blood chemistry, that anyone can do.

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  1. Educational. I was not a good science student. This is very helpful. Even reiki professionals experience many of thes dis ease that is why reiki shares and self care reiki is so important.