Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stress Junkies

Are you a Stress Junkie? Do you have too much going on, or put pressure on yourself to get everything done? Being a Stress Junkie is kind of like those who are addicted (and/or co-dependent) to adrenaline highs, only to stress instead.

Recently, while working with some clients, and discussing this with my collegues, we realized this is seriously on the rise.

We all know what too much stress does; however many people aren't aware they're actually becoming so dependent on a stressful way of life, that they can't imagine, or live any other way. And before you know it, we've actually piled on more things, thinking or saying "It's okay, I can handle it..."

In fact, many of us can't, as is obvious by the rise in depression and the all time highs for diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems, and cancers. It's also a medical/scientific fact that cortisol (the 'death hormone') rises dramatically when we're under stress, especially from chronic/ongoing stress of any kind. Cortisol literally kills other (including healthy) cells, producing inflammation, free radicals, and toxins; which can, and does, produce a whole host of health problems.

Too much stress doesn't have to be physical, such as with an athlete or prolonged sitting; it can also be mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. All of which can, and do, produce a wide variety of related, and more importantly, non-related symptoms. So when you don't tell your massage therapist or energy worker, nutritionist, or doctor all your symptoms, it makes it that much more difficult to appropriately treat the cause and you, as a person.

Example: Get stressed and the body responds with high alert. Afterwards, our energy is decreased. We feel depleted and our senses and mind can't focus properly. We over-ride this by eating or drinking something, taking over the counter or prescription meds, or recreational substances. Or worse yet, we start a radically new diet or exercise program, or week-end activity to 'de-compress'. All the while thinking/saying it's to help with stress. Then we take on or volunteer for something else, because that new thing is going to lower our stress; so, sure - we can do a little bit more.

After our energy/alertness is drained again, we repeat this. I'm not saying any of these things are bad/wrong, just that if we address the source (the reason we have or need so much stress and/or the types of stress), many people would actually have more control in their lives - and less stress. Those who are beginning to kick the habit report feeling better on all levels - mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

We've all heard the many non-medical things we can do to alleviate stress, such as relax (easier said than done many times); get therapy of some kind (massage or energy work, counseling); take a hot shower or bath, meds and/or vitamins; and generally chill out (again, sometimes easier said than done).

And by now, you're probably asking what does this have to do with "In Your Cupboard, Good For You". A lot! (Nice lead-in, huh?)

One of the first things is Vanilla. Yes, real Vanilla Flavoring or Vanilla Essential Oil. Vanilla is a known relaxant and mood leveler. A small amount used in cooking, boiled in a small pot of water, dropped into the bath/footbath, or sprayed into the shower can really help. (I never recommend synthetic Vanilla or Vanillin, as synthetic scents/flavorings have exactly the opposite effect. While they may initially smell or taste okay, they can give even non-sensitive children/people headaches, sinus congestion, and/or produce sneezing or allergic reactions.)

Milk - any kind, animal, vegetarian, powdered, etc., can be very soothing. One to two cups per bath/footsoak helps relax the body, plus soften the skin. (Milks contain naturally occuring Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps relax the mind and body, and it's slight acidity smoothes the skin.)

Epsom salt: Epsom salt is actually Magnesium Sulfate, rather than sodium, and Magnesium naturally relaxes and helps detoxify the body.

Computer, smart phone, or phone book - to look up massage therapists, aromatherapy, health food stores, and doctors, if needed.

The following sources (both companies and people) are ones I suggest/recommend for these two important reason: quality and affordable prices. (I only make personal recommendations when I've actually received body or energy work from the person, and/or used their products on my own, and not by affiliation or payment.)

Wal-Mart - Yes, I know how some people feel about Wal-Mart, however their Spring Valley supplements are good quality for lower price.

Dollar Tree (or other Dollar type stores) - These stores carry a wide variety of products that can be used to help one relax, including cds of soothing music.

Super Supplements - both brick and mortar stores and on-line. While their on-line shipping can be a bit high, the very low prices of their products make up for it, plus they carry numerous brands, all related to health and well being.

Samara Botane - http://www.wingedseed.com (1-800-782-4532) Snohomish, Washington, owner Marcia Elston. This company offers the best certified Essential Oil and Aromatherapy products, plus they give an online and professional discount. I've been using this company's products for many years, and highly recommend them.

The Assembly of CEH - http://www.reikiranch.blogspot.com (1-360-748-4426) Non profit, in Chehalis, Washington, ran by Taylore Vance and her husband Roi Halse, (Reiki Masters and entrepreneurs) that teach Reiki classes and sell products, including related books, Magnesium Oil (for health and relaxation), and Silver Water (detoxifier, etc.) Their Mg Oil and Silver Water are two of my favorites.

Heart of Massage - Owned by Karen Donald, Licensed Massage Practitioner. Located in the Queen Anne part of Seattle, Washington, Karen is one of Seattle's best therapists. The name of her practice says it all. And I say this, not only because Karen's one of my best friends, I've also received body work from her. http://www.facebook.com/Karen-Donald

Carlson Method - Developed and owned by former massage instructor & student clinic supervisor, Scott Carlson, who's one of the best in person and at distant energy workers I know. Besides being a long time friend, Scott is one of my first and personal go-to people for energy work. Scott is on Facebook, with the Black Knight on war horse as his current profile photo.

Three Tree Wellness Center - Owned and operated by Shari Courtier and her partner Scott Carpenter, in Burien, Washington. They offer a variety of services at very reasonable prices, and I highly recommend them. I've had the privilege of receiving work from Shari, including Reiki, and she's really good! http://www.threetreewellness.com (1-206-257-4765)

And me, Pam Taylor, of course. I've been practicing, teaching, and writing about body/energy work, and health and well being for a long time. Besides my blog here, you can also find "how to" photos demonstrating Reiki, and other fun and interesting Reiki things on my web site. Plus I'm on Facebook, and Twitter.

NOTE: An essential amino acid, (such as Tryptophan) is one of the building blocks of protein. Humans can't make it in their own body, and have to get it daily from an outside food or supplement source.

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