Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun, healthy & budget friendly Easter Brunch

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I was asked to make up a fun, healthy and easy on the budget Easter Brunch, so here it is. Note: Everything can be made ahead of time, put in the fridge & served when you or your company are ready. The mini meat loaves & fish cakes can be made ahead of time & re-heated in the microwave. (Put the meat loaves on a paper towel or saucer to reheat & then quickly place them into cupcake papers before serving.)

Easter Brunch menu & tablescape decorations are:

Savory "fish" cakes, made with any plain regular or wheat free muffin mix (preferably organic) to which herbs like dill, parsley, basil & etc. have been added. (I borrowed the cast iron fish shape baking pan from one of my sisters, but any decorative cupcake/muffin pan will do.) Note: mini cakes like this turn out better if the batter is thinner like cupcake batter, so add a bit more liquid, if needed.

Mini meat loaves, your favorite meat loaf recipe & baked in cupcake pan. (I make mine with organic ground turkey. Due to a gluten intolerance, I also use leftover mashed potatoes, rather than flour or oats as a binder.) Make sure to oil the cupcake pan & let the loaves cool slightly before removing, otherwise they may stick or try to fall apart.

Crunchy sweet mini Bell Peppers are in the veggie bowl, seen with the mini meat loaves; however carrots, celery, or Grape Tomatoes are also good.

Favorite Deviled Eggs, however you make them.

Spinach, almonds & cranberries salad - the organic spinach was bought at a local grocery store. The sliced almonds & cranberries (both from reputable companies) were bought at a local dollar store.

"Psuedo Sangria" is a non-alcoholic drink anyone will love. This version is made with Bigelow Cranberry Hisbiscus Tea (any fruity non caffeine tea will work though). Follow the directions for making a pitcher full of hot tea. When tea has brewed the proper length of time, remove bags & slice two organic oranges & two lemons. Put fruit slices, with a handful of frozen strawberries, in the tea & refrigerate til chilled, then serve. (Honey, stevia, or any good all natural cane sugar can be added if needed.)

The 'fish dip' for the fish cakes & 'frosting' for the meat loaves is nothing more than organic Ranch Dressing. Organic Balsamic vinegar, for the spinach salad, is in the unique glass shaker bottle. (This bottle was an under $1.00 thrift store find.)

Tablescape decorations are: various plates & bowls from my cupboard. They don't all match, but give interest & more importantly, 'fit' the food I wanted to put on them. The beautiful Amberina Cakeplate the deviled eggs are on was borrowed from one of my sisters, as well as the charming wire chicken egg basket, along with the little yellow plastic chick eggs & colorful rubbery toys. The blue/green 'sangria' plastic pitcher was from Walmart; however, again, be creative with what you have.

The "Duck Flower Vase" (on cakeplate with deviled eggs) is a toothbrush holder I found at a local thrift store for 25 cents. This ceramic holder was thoroughly washed/disinfected & has a plastic plug in the bottom, so it won't leak. The beautiful Mini Dutch Iris & parsley are from my garden. ( You could also use silk flowers, twigs, or colorful straws in the holder.)

Table cloth: had been one of my Mother's. Old sheets, thin scarves, posters, placemats, & etc., also work well to protect your table & make clean up easy.

Blessings to you all for your patience while I've been so busy the past few months. I hope you all have a great Easter, in however you celebrate it. And, yes, new blogs posts will now be coming on a more regular basis!

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