Saturday, May 30, 2009

Increasing Mind Power

Many people are searching for ways to increase the use of their mind. They'd like to have better health, more money, improved life style, find the right life partner, and so on. There's a plethora of moderate to high priced training programs, books, DVD's, and CD's. However, there are several very simple no - low cost things you can do that are also effective.

The first is being hydrated, eating reasonably well, being moderately active, and decompressing as often as possible.

The second, and just as important, is to focus for several moments on that good feeling/thoughts you're having when you've achieved a goal, remembered something important, had a really good insight or plan, or received a compliment or thank you. Gradually increase the time to where you can hold those good thoughts and feelings for several minutes frequently throughout the day, week, or month.

So what's this have to do with using our mind better? Science has shown the mind exists in both the physical brain and every cell in our body. The mind isn't divided into a conscious or subconscious, it's just different aspects we're using at a particular time. Also, we do use all of our brain/mind, otherwise we wouldn't be alive, walk, talk, or function. The 10% we're told we use comes from being focused on a specific thing at the moment, while the other 90% is busy taking care of our bodily functions, monitoring our environment, and other necessities.

A special part of the brain, called the insula helps us make appropriate choices, be aware of dangers, and etc., and is affected by all of these things - water, light, nutrients, endorphins, neurotransmitters, and a balance of activity and rest.

When the insula functions properly it's referred to as improved mental functioning, or "right use of mind". Many people who do the simple things mentioned above also feel it increases intuition, creativity, and being able to manifest more of the good things in life that we all desire (The Law of Attraction). The best part is research has been verifying this.

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