Saturday, July 4, 2009


We hear and use this phrase, "Human Being" from birth to death, to describe the people of our planet. I enjoy knowing the definitions of words, and their origins, so a number of years ago I did some research on it. Numerous sources verified my own ideas about the deeply profound meaning and reason we use these two words.

"Hu" - God/Source/Spirit/All That Is
"man" - physical/body, and NOT gender related
"Being" - to "be", the original or natural state of something

Human is, therefore,God/Source in the physical. And being is unconditional love, as expressed by babies, before they "learn" or are "taught" anything else. Being is a natural and inherent given in all living things, our "just is", whether human or otherwise.

Also note, Human Being comes before anything that we may use in describing ourselves or other people, and this includes: gender, race, spiritual/religious, culture, beliefs, or even doing and giving.

I feel we have this powerful phrase, Human Being, for very good reasons. And I encourage people frequently everyday to use it, especially when sending good thoughts, prayers, energy, gratitude/thanks, and blessings to others.

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