Monday, August 10, 2009

Vaccines - Part 4 - Side Effects

Vaccine Side Effects can be viewed as both "truth is stranger than fiction", and "urban legend".

Truth: All vaccine ingredients have known side effects, meaning they cause a "reaction" of some kind. This reaction is simply a chemical change in the body. Vaccines are designed to "stimulate* an immune system reaction", which basically stresses/forces the immune system to produce antibodies against a particular bacteria, virus, or toxin. Many places (schools, day care, employers, military, other countries, etc.) require vaccines, without exception, or whether you agree or disagree.

Legend: All vaccine ingredients are synthetic/toxic. While the majority of ingredients are manufactured, 10 - 50% of the vaccine is from natural sources (sugar, salt, water, etc.). A vaccine makes you immune to a dis-ease, or protects you forever. The reasons vaccines can't/don't are: changes in age, individual body chemistry, illnesses/medications, and new strains of organisms.

So how does a vaccine cause side effects? One, if the immune system is already low or stressed**, the mixed messages causes it to attack all the areas in the body where it senses danger. Two, 50 - 90% of the vaccine contains foreign/potentially deadly toxins, chemicals, and preservatives. Three, some people's immune systems may recognize individual vaccine ingredients, but not when they've been all mixed together.

The body produces "symptoms" (messages) to let us know things are not right. The body's innate intelligence not only displays a symptom where something entered the body, it can/does in other areas, as well. It does this either because that part of the body is already stressed, or the best place to get our attention.

The basic two part reason symptoms vary is: innate intelligence/unique body chemistry, and (approximately) the three days it takes the body to filter all the blood. During that time - depending on how well the liver and spleen works, anything can happen. Once the body has gone into overwhelm, it can also take any where from another three days to years to partially or completely recover, depending on other factors.

Side effects, therefore, can range from swelling, redness at site (or in the eyes, ears, nose, throat, armpits, groin, back of knees, or between fingers and toes), to death.

The most common side effects are: swelling, rashes, headaches, flu like symptoms, flare ups of other allergies, digestive disturbances, pain, mild case of actual dis-ease, and other drug/medication reactions.

Less frequent effects are: long term sensitivities, migraines, continued digestive disturbances or allergies (old or new), moderate case of dis-ease, and immune and/or respiratory problems.

Serious potentially life threatening are: no immunity to dis-ease, convulsions, seizures, shock, heart, lung, liver, or kidney failure, and death.

Any side effect can have the potential to range from simple to deadly. Just because you, or a family member/loved one did or didn't react one time, doesn't mean it'll be that way next time. See Vaccines - Part 5 - What You Can Do.

* "stimulate an immune reaction" is the medical phrase used to describe what a vaccine does
** 95 - 98% of the world's population falls in this category

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