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Vaccines - Part 5 - What You Can Do

The following self help suggestions can be used as preventative, short term support, or long term follow up. They're also very simple and easy to do.

First, and most important, be reasonably healthy all the time. This consists of drinking plenty of water, eating balanced meals, moderate exercise, and rest.

Second, get a copy of the vaccine handout*. Discuss it, and your medical history, with your primary care provider. The small co-pay is very inexpensive for peace of mind. Or call the local public health office, or look it up on the web.

Third, pay close attention to what your body is telling you after a vaccination. (From when you get the vaccine to as long as six weeks.)

Water - be hydrated. Tea, coffee, juice, pop, and alcohol is "food" to the body, due to the trace nutrients/substances in them. One 8 oz. glass of water (per other beverage) and 50 - 75% water in juices helps neutralize them. Better yet, put one or more bite sized pieces of frozen fruit in a glass of water. They're healthy "colorful ice cubes".

PH - acid/alkaline. Being acidic allows undesirable reactions to occur. Balance acidic foods with alkaline ones. Public libraries, nutrition books, & the web all have lists of these.

Exercise - walking works the whole body & naturally moves the blood and lymph. If you do heavy work outs, steam/sauna/pool, or deep massages/detoxing spa treatments - back off/lighten up. It's also not recommended to do a cleanse. These normally healthy things can push a vaccine through the body too fast, & produce unintentional and/or serious consequences.

Rest - if your body/mind/emotions needs a break, honor this. 99.9% of the world's population has a stressed immune system, & a vaccine makes it work even harder. Sleep, cat naps, meditation, & relaxing baths/showers all help. (Showers/baths not too hot, or over 20 minutes,- any longer can actually irritate the nervous system/body.)

Sulfur foods - broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, & etc. These support the immune system, liver & spleen, help build healthy cell walls, and rid the body of heavy metals.

Fiber - pears, apples, veggies, legumes (especially split peas) and whole grains. Bran, fiber supplements**, or apple pectin tablets can be used, too. Wheat bran does not contain wheat protein & is the only bran known to stimulate healthy bacteria growth in the gut. Apple pectin helps rid the body of toxins, especially heavy metals. The lignins in split peas also do the same.

Vitamins - A to Z, whether a daily multiple or individual nutrients. Tablets are denser & contain higher nutrient content than capsules. If a tablet (either regular or time released) snaps in half easily, it's easier to digest. (Hard to break ones don't & vinegar tests are inaccurate, as our stomach acid/gut enzymes are both acidic/alkaline.) Suggested amounts vary, per person/age/state of health.

VITAMIN C supports the immune system, detoxes the body, builds blood cells, & protects capillaries. ESTER C is the most recommended. It's water soluble, non acidic, can be taken by anyone, and/or in high amounts without producing diarrhea. Suggested amounts are 500 - 2,000 mgs per day. (It can even be found in Wal-Mart.)

Minerals - all, especially Magnesium. Mg works to produce light in our cells, relaxes the body, regulates calcium, & does about 300 enzyme functions. Recommended amounts vary from 400 - 800 mgs per day. Babies usually get what they need from mother's milk (if the mother has proper dietary amounts) & food. Children, depending on age, can require from 300 to 800 mgs per day.

Magnesium oxide (most common type) in large amounts, can produce diarrhea. (Try chelated, orotate, etc.) Mg works the best when taken with dinner/before bedtime. Known fact: over 80% of the world's population (especially women) are Mg deficient, and some people/children are even Mg depleted. This can, and does, produce mental, emotional, and physical instability.

Zinc - recommended daily amounts vary between 15 - 30 mgs. During an illness requirements can go as high as 60 mgs per day, however, too much can produce undesired effects. (Zinc can store/build up in the body.) Zinc supports the immune system, our sense of smell, taste, balance, & hearing, and allows us to perspire/sweat properly.

Bioflavinoids - come from the white inner peel of citrus fruit and buckwheat. (Buckwheat is related to rhubarb, & is not wheat.) Bioflavs are co-factors to Vit C, helping C work better, especially for immune support, blood cells, & capillaries. Recommended amount is 500 - 1500 mgs per day. Better yet, take a Vit C (Ester C) that has Bioflavs added.

Antioxidants - combination of different vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients, and/or herbs. Antios are valuable, but make sure they don't counteract or increase the effects of the vaccine ingredients.

L- Histadine - an essential (we need it daily) amino acid, that prevents cells from exploding. (Cells exploding is also known as an allergic reaction.) Histadine is already in many vaccines to help offset reactions. Suggested daily amounts vary from 500 - 5,000 mgs. Again, even though L-H is essential, consult your care provider or nutritionist before taking extra/large amounts.

Pre/probiotics - healthy bacteria (that help make enzymes, support the immune system, & detox the body) can be found in mother's milk, dairy products, & supplements. Be cautious if you have a dairy allergy, or haven't taken probiotics before. If the body is already stressed, or too much is used too quickly, it can produce gas, constipation, and/or diarrhea. Back off, and/or drink extra water.

Herbs - not recommended for at least several weeks. Herbs are great, because (1) they're a "food" and (2) a natural "medicine". However, they do have the highest risk of producing unintentional interactions/reactions with pharmaceuticals. Be safe/wise & wait the short while before using them again.

Seek immediate medical care for: swelling (injections site, neck, armpits, groin, fingers, toes, or joints), rash, loss of breath or ability to swallow (internal swelling/hives can be life threatening), & inability to focus or stay awake.

Other things to watch for are headaches (including sudden/lingering sensitivity to light or sound) lasting longer than an hour, sudden/sustained fevers or chills, strange/sharp unexplained aches/pains, and constipation or diarrhea that suddenly comes on or doesn't go away within an hour. (Babies, children, people with allergies/pre-existing health problems, & elders need to be closely monitored.)

Other support - Reiki, or other energy work, in short sessions. Support your body, so it can deal with the vaccine, rather than stressing it & going into overwhelm. Be educated, use common sense, & don't second guess about getting medical attention. These simple things can, and do, lessen reactions, prevent long term side effects, and save lives.

* every doctor, nurse, or public health care worker that gives vaccines must provide free vaccine handouts/brochures to the public

** fiber supplements must be taken with sufficient water to prevent choking, digestive disturbances, constipation, or diarrhea

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