Sunday, July 12, 2009


"E" - energy (with a natural electrical charge or polarity)
"Motion" - movement

"Emotions"- more than one
"Emotional"- state or condition of

Emotions are our "feelings", or innate ability to sense energy in motion, the pattern it makes, and the natural electrical charge attached to the pattern(s).

Energy and the pattern(s) it makes is directly affected by our thoughts. This is evident by the statement of how a person's mood (combined thought and feeling) can change in the blink of an eye. The happens because of how fast energy can move and/or change it's polarity, or charge.

What are your thoughts? Are they higher more positive, neutral, or negative?

Do yo have any that you might want to change? Both thoughts and emotional responses can change quite quickly, as mentioned. However, they do, and can, become a patterned habit from repetition. So to change how we think and feel can take some time, practice, and perseverance.

This is due to the ingrained patterns of how we usually think and feel. (Consider how long many of us have had "old" habits, attitudes, and ways of doing things.) A good way to start is every time you find/catch yourself having a thought or feeling you'd like to change, stop and remind yourself of the new thoughts or feelings you'd rather be having. Keep practicing until the new way is second nature. And don't give up, as a positive change is always well worth the effort!

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