Sunday, July 5, 2009

Salt Scrubs


Salt Scrubs, or glows, are a type of body treatment designed to exfoliate the skin, and help detoxify the lymphatic system.

This is done by either buying or making a "salt scrub". This consists of some type of coarse salt (usually Magnesium Sulfate, better known as Epsom Salt, or a large crystal sea salt). A good quality vegetable oil, especially Olive Oil, is added to the salt to make a grainy paste, that can be spread easily. And it's not recommended to use Baby or Mineral Oil, as these are from petroleum, and known sensitizers.

Recipes for salt scrubs usually begin with 1/2 cup of salt, and 5 tablespoons of oil. More salt or oil can be added if needed. These amounts, at the right consistency, will be more than enough for one person. The salt/oil mixture can also be warmed to facilitate relaxation.

Essential Oils can also be added to the mixture. However, a word of caution. Essential oils can quickly irritate the skin or cause reactions (see blog on Essential Oils). This is true especially if the EO is too strong or contains additives, whether natural or other. Since people can be sensitive to Essential Oils, even if they're organic or third party certified, always ask before adding any.

Please refer to the photos of "Honey Radiance Salt Scrub"*, for a demonstration of how to do a salt scrub. These photos cover the salt scrub application, as well as a mask for the upper chest, neck, and face. The scrub and mask are followed with a body gel, to help nourish the skin even further.

Salt scrubs have been used since before recorded history, and continue to be used in all parts of the world, whether in spas or at home. They not only help to exfoliate the skin and detoxify the body, they're also an excellent way to de-stress.

* Photos of Honey Radiance Salt Scrub can be seen at "Honey Radiance" Salt Scrub, Summer Wine Nourishing Gel, and Strawberry Twist Mask are products shown in photo, and made from all natural ingredients. Product names are copyrighted.

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