Sunday, July 12, 2009


"Wavicle" is a word first used in Quantum Physics. It's a hybrid word meaning a particle that acts like a wave, and vice versa.

One of the better known Wavicles is the Electron*. Decades ago there was a great controversy as to what an Electron was, and it's properties.

We now know an Electron really is more of a cloud, rather than anything solid. We also know if an observer thinks/feels/believes an Electron is going to act like a particle, it makes little dot like movements. The same if the observer think/feels/believes it's a wave, it acts like a wave.

Another important aspect is energy has polarity, or positive, negative, or neutral electrical charges. Energy also isn't bound by time, space or distance and can/does travel faster than the speed of light. (Light is energy that's already condensed a bit, and physical matter is energy that's condensed even further.)

Electrons surround every atom and molecule that make up the Multiverses, our Universe/Galaxy, planets, and even our body. They're our original Instant Messengers, and they really like to travel and chat with other Electrons, human or otherwise.

Since Electrons are so social, we can do things like "sense" or know things without being told and can create (or more appropriately) "re-create". To create/re-create, we simply start thinking of something. Our Electrons respond (line up and/or wave), and change the pattern/s, and there's something new, different, or even similar. Pretty amazing!!

* There are many other types of sub atomic particles, such as neutrinos, charms, quarks, etc., that are also considered "Wavicles". The Electron was used in this blog because it's the most well known/studied particle.

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