Sunday, July 12, 2009

Water Quality and Purification

Another important subject related to being hydrated, is the quality of water.

We all know we need clean water, but how to do it a way that's easy on the budget and environment is the question. A water purifier is the most recommended method. However, many people can't afford them or their upkeep, and if the filters aren't changed frequently, can actually become filled with toxins.

Simple things to help purify water are:

Pour water into a clean glass container and leave it sit uncovered for 24 hours. This lets things like chlorine escape and heavier impurities settle to the bottom. Carefully pour into another clean non metallic container with a lid or covering. Wash original container to use again. (Also wash second container when it's empty, before refilling.)

Boil water in non aluminum pan. This removes chlorine, bacteria, and other undesirable things. Let the water cool and carefully pour into a glass container with lid or covering. Sediment may be in the bottom of pan, so wash before re-using. (Wash glass container between refilling.)

Fill a clean clear glass container with water and write or tape positive words or symbols on the outside of container. Water can "read" so make sure words/symbols face the water, rather than facing out. The water can be left in the container or transferred to second clean glass one, again with a lid or covering. Always wash container/s and make sure words/symbols are on clean paper and clearly written. (See Dr. Marasu Emoto's work on water and positive input for water purification.)

Water purification drops or tablets can also be used. Caution: many people are sensitive to iodine based ones (found in drug stores or outdoor/recreation stores), so ask before using this type of water purification method. Another common water purification product is WPD (Water Purification Drops, which is the 28% Sodium Chlorite, and has been used for decades as a water purifier and anti bacterial/viral.

WPD can be purchased from

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