Sunday, July 12, 2009


We need water every day to live, and it's estimated the body can go only 3 - 7 days before it expires from lack of water.

This is because our bodies are 75 - 85% water. (Babies are approximately 85% water at birth, and many adults/seniors and those with health problems can be as little as 50%). We're like a giant water balloon, and can go just as flat/lifeless when we're not full of water.

Besides being part of our natural air conditioning, water makes the fluid in our blood and lymph, lubricates our joints, and transports nutrients. It also helps with oxygen utilization.

Water is even more important than food. Most people make a point to eat every day when they're hungry, yet not drink any water when thirsty, and are chronically dehydrated. This means while they may drink some water, they don't get enough. Or they drink other things like coffee, soda, juice, or alcohol.

While an occasional alternate beverage is okay, many over do, or feel they don't need as much water because these drinks are a liquid. Over time, though, the body can't get enough water to do what it's supposed to, and then displays dehydration symptoms. Common ones are headaches, sleeplessness, allergy flare ups, dry skin & hair, low back pain, digestive and/or hormone imbalances, and feeling the need to void the bladder, but not being able to properly or completely.

The recommended daily intake of water is 8, eight ounce glasses. Since so many people are dehydrated, when they do increase their water intake, they might feel worse. This is because the extra water is finally able to flush out all the toxins. Starting slowly and gradually increasing the amount of water you drink is always the best way to go. In other words, your body and bladder will thank you for giving it the water it needs and time to adjust.

When properly hydrated with clean water*, the body is able to maintain itself better, which increases our overall sense of health and well being.

*See blog on Water Quality and Purification.

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